Type of activity and Instructions

Cloze ou "Gapfill" activities.


There are several variants of these.

In all of them the aim is to complete a sentence by filling in a missing word or phrase in the white field.

In some exercises the question may have a question mark after it - "?". Clicking on this will give an extra clue, for example the number of words in the answer.

There are two buttons at the bottom of the screen:

"Check" will show which of your answers are correct. In that case the text is integrated in the sentence on screen. Wrong answers are left in the white box.

"Hint" will show you the next letter in the field with the cursor.

There may be a a screen with grammar explanations on the left.

Here is a gapfill activity (with a grammar screen) :


A variant is a gapfill exercise with drop down boxes containing the various answers.
In that case, click on the little arrow pointing downwards in the white box, then click on the answer you think is correct.
Here is a screen of this kind of activity with the first box opened to see the choice of answers:

In both cases brief instructions can be read at the top of the active part of the screen (e.g. "Write in the spaces. Press "Check" to check your answers. "Hint" button for next letter")

This message is replaced by your ongoing score when you use the "Check" button

Some activities are in two parts. In that case there is a button at the very top of the page marked "Go to part 2" or similar.