Work Record:

Although EnglishXtra provides a framework of levels and units this does not mean that you should do every activity in order. It is normal to have strong points and weak points. So, if you find dictations at "your" level are easy, don't hesitate to explore higher units or even higher levels. Similarly, if your grammar is weak, do the grammar activities at a lower level.

In any case each of you will have your own strategy to reinforce the English courses you are taking, whatever the programme, whatever the method, and you are likely to move around in the programme looking for "favourite" activities. In that case, please keep a record of your work or, after a week or two, you willhave noidea which activities you have done and which remain to be done.

To help you with this a sheet on which you can easily note what you have done is provided here. The best solution is to print it out and complete it in ink. You could also make your own on Excel or something similar but sometimes, even in a computer age, pen and ink is faster!

Get your Record Sheet here