Level 8 Unit 1 - Phrasal verbs

To Put - various meanings with prepositions

Not an easy one. You might like to check here before starting.
Click on the " v " in each space to see the choice of words. Fill in the gaps, Press "Check" at the bottom of the page to check your answers. if you see [?] click on it for a hint.
1 - Raising taxes will make the party most unpopular. Let's put it until after the election.

2 - I know you don't like Mary's boyfriend but she wants to invite him for dinner. Surely you can put him for a couple of hours.

3 - Don't bother to reserve a hotel. We can put you for a couple of nights.

4 - James' dog had an accident and when he got to the vet's the vet said it was too badly injured. The poor animal had to be put .

5 - I heard a nice put- at the concert last night. Someone said "You don't like Sati?" You must have Van gogh's ear for music."

6 - It's cold today. Put your pullover before you go out.

7 - Students have knocked down a statue of Cecil Rhodes which was put more than a hundred years ago.

8 - He's very good at putting his ideas to the public.

9 - Why didn't the government put the news about travel restrictions earlier?

10 - Yes you can borrow the iron. It's in the cupboard. Don't forget to put it where you found it when you've finished.

11 - I can't get the kids to put their things. They leave everything lying all over the place.

12 - He's one of those idiots who puts coronovirus Big Pharma.

13 - Now you have a job at last, don't spend all your salary at once. Always put something for a rainy day.

14 - Peter's put that job opening in Manchester. Ah. That'll be because his girlfriend lives there.

15 - I tried a hundred year egg the other day but when I opened it and saw it was all black it really put me and I couldn't eat it.

16 - Winter time starts tomorrow so we have to put the clocks tonight.

17 - We're collecting for a local charity to save the duck-pond. Can I put you for £50?.