Level 8 - Unit 3
Make vs Do (Part 1)

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Click on the " v " in each space to see the choice of words. Fill in the gaps, Press "Check" at the bottom of the page to check your answers.
Mary got married last week. Her father a very funny speech at the wedding.
Mary her own nails but I always have mine at a nail bar.
Smith can't have that robbery last night. He's already time in Pentonville.
You can trust John's calculations. He never mistakes.
I used to crosswords in my lunch break until I met Mary.
I need to a phone call and my cell's dead. Can I use your landline?
I'll be a comment about children's behaviour at the next meeting.
Biologists all over the world are currently a lot of research into stem cells.
I only have one objection to . The price is too high.
I hate presentations. Can't you find someone else to it?
The doctor says I should some exercises at the local health club.
I'd like to some enquiries about job vacancies.