Meanings of "To Turn" with various prepositions

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   down      in      into      off      out      over      round      up   
If you keep these caterpillars over winter you'll see them turn butterflies next spring.

There wasn't much light when I took these pictures, but they turned very well!

Can you please turn the air-conditioning a bit. It's rather too hot in here.

Tom's half deaf. He always wants to turn the volume to maximum on the TV.

I applied to Cambridge, but they turned me .

John's working on his essay. He has to turn it tomorrow.

There's absolutely nothing of interest on TV. Just turn it .

The witch turned the handsome prince a frog.

What did Anthea do with that purse she found on the bus? She turned it to the police.

When I turned I realised john had been standing behind me.

The salary wasn't enough so I turned the job offer .

When the first side of your pancake is done, turn it .

When Dan came out of prison he turned a new leaf and never had any more trouble with the police.

While the microwave is working the dish inside turns .

We offered him a good price for the horse but he turned the offer .

It's raining now but the weather forcast says it'll turn fine later today.